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Finishes and decoration

ARC Group was established to provide the luxury thought in the field of finishing and decoration. We move away from the usual traditional finishes. We rely on our experience in the field of finishing and decoration. using the skilled labor and good raw materials is important, But it is more important to have good employment with different areas. Harmony of all colors and materials. Selection of sources of lighting suitable and different. Decoration is addition to the place, for anyone who wants to finish apartment or villa in a modern style and sophisticated. For more information and to find out prices, please contact us.

Electricity Works
Supply and installation of electrical Cables and Wires
Supply and installation of Conduits and Accessories

Plumbing for bathrooms and kitchen
Supply and installation of Water Supply Pipes, Drainage Pipes and accessories

Sanitary works 
Supply and installation of bathroom sets and kitchen basin
Supply and installation of blenders

Waterproofing for bathroom & Roof
Supply and installation of insulation materials.

Marble and granite works for kitchen
Supply and installation of marble and granite in addition to all accessories

Plaster works
Painting works
Flooring works
Supply and installation of Ceramics tiles for Walls and Floors for bathrooms.
Supply and installation of Porcelain and Parquet (nature and artificial wood HDF) and marble & granite.
Note: The cost of supplies in this item should not exceed 30% of the value of the item and any extra cost to be paid by the customer.

False Ceiling decorative works 
Supply & install all types of false ceilings and decorative (Veyotec - Gypsum - Wood)
Gypsum Board Works
Supplying, installing & finishing gypsum boards for walls & ceilings, in addition to lighting & accessories

Carpentry Works
Supply and installation of edges, screws, frames and doors
Paints of doors

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