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Al Rowad Company is a company specialized in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools at the highest level

Swimming Pool

Al Rawad Group has provided swimming pool construction and maintenance services since 2006, including outdoor pools and spas. We build and service swimming pools and spas for private and commercial clients. We also have the ability to undertake exclusive projects all over Egypt and provide consultancy in the field of swimming pool design.
When it comes to pools and backyard pools, we are a company that specializes in the supply, installation and repair of pools, pool deck, artificial lakes, fountains, and rocky waterfalls. Most in-demand pre-design options include rockfalls, pool fountains, water features, bathroom lighting, and interior finishes.
We have experience in local building conditions and the latest pool and construction technology, all of which will provide you with a full written contract outlining project phases and outlining your payment schedules. You will also receive written guarantees. You will also be able to relax with exclusive technology to save time and money.

Services for the field of swimming pools
the design
Every design is a piece of art

Al Rowad Group offers a wide range of different designs in addition to the construction works for the swimming pool, and our company also performs renovation and maintenance work for the previously built bathrooms. We are able to build any size or shape of indoor or outdoor swimming pool anywhere with our ingenuity in design and construction techniques. In our design, we take into account the specific area of the bathroom, which is commensurate with the size of the garden or the place designated for the bathroom, taking into account the aesthetic and elegance touches of the bathroom to achieve the dreams of our customers.

construction work
Al Rowad Group builds the finest and most luxurious bathrooms at the lowest costs.

Al Rowad Group undertakes all construction works for the swimming pool or spa as a general contractor or as a sub-contractor if necessary. We are in close contact with our clients and architects from the beginning, to discuss the contract agreement and review all the details and give the exact costs for each component of the construction, and this is the ideal method to be able to provide all the work required with the utmost accuracy and within the agreed cost limits.

Maintenance work
We offer the best swimming pool maintenance contracts and after-sales service

Al Rowad Group is the leading company in the field of swimming pool maintenance, where we do maintenance contracts that guarantee providing the highest level of service while saving the customer in time and money, including swimming pool cleaning. This includes the supply of chemicals, and the weekly, biweekly or monthly service according to the client's request and according to the contract.

Types of swimming pools:
skimmer swimming pool

Suitable for small spaces, because this type does not need a balancing tank, as it consists only of the body of the bathroom itself and the pump room without the need for a balancing room and a stream like other types of swimming pools. The water level inside the bathroom is about 15 cm lower than the surface of the bathroom.

Overflow swimming pool

One of the most beautiful swimming pools due to the fact that the water level in it reaches the highest point touching the surface of the bath. There is a water course around it to keep the bathroom clean and not to exceed the bathroom limits. And this type needs a balancing tank next to the pump room.

Fiber glass

Fiberglass swimming pool is delivered as one piece ready to install. It's like a big bathtub. Its advantages are that it is quick to install, less maintenance and lasts a long time. The downside is that you are limited to shapes.

vinyl liner

It is a set of panels that are assembled on site. It is placed on a concrete foundation. One of its advantages is to provide different shapes of the bathroom, and it is less expensive than other types. It is also scratch resistant and does not require repainting.

shipping containers

It is a pool made of large containers. It is dropped into a pit or placed on the ground. They are less expensive than concrete or fiberglass and are very thermally efficient.

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